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Success Secrets – 4 Steps to Success

The first step to success is to dream. According to my teacher, “all great achievements in life began with no more than a dream.” The question is, “What will you do with your dream?” You must develop a positive attitude and believe in yourself so that you can reach your dreams. Keep your dream with passion. The second step to success is faith. Your faith will determine your destiny and your ability to achieve your greatest dreams. Failure to believe in an individual’s ability to achieve goals is one of the most difficult reasons for failure to achieve dreams or goals. Without faith, it is easy for anyone to derail their success towards achieving dreams.

Most success stories come after many attempts and failures. If you use failure as a means of growth, it is just another step towards success! Since Colonel Sanders “failed” to find someone to try his chicken recipe after asking more than 1,000 people, it took him to try and create what is now Kentucky Fried Chicken. Praise be to Allah. Colonel Sanders did not take his first 1000 rejection as a failure! He simply took every rejection as one person closer to finding someone he might try to describe. If you apply these four steps to success in any area of your life, you will succeed! If you’re building a business, do not take “No” as a rejection or failure. Turn it upside down and take it as a fact that you have managed to get rid of another tire kick on your way to find the next person to join you in your work. As per the rule, out of the 100 people who apply to join you in your business, usually, only 3 or 4 people say yes. So, the more disapprovals you receive, the more likely you are to find people who join you! The next person you request to join may be the best person you will ever work with to build an incredible business!

The next chapter of my life began when I decided to plan to escape from American companies. How to earn money in public aviation? Looked at the FBOs, aviation schools, charters, airplane sales, and anything else imaginable. The challenge was to criticize my passion for flying. While not creating a function. What I found was that I enjoyed flying on my own terms and not out of necessity. You are the owner and the client at the same time. I created an interesting business model. Take the money from the left pocket and place it in the right pocket. There was no growth in top line sales and expenses were high. Then my wife stumbled into a part-time home business that was a dairy cow. It was like minting and rapid expansion. No matter how hard trying to keep the local business, it was viral and expanding all over the country. Suddenly, my business model now has wonderful cash flow and travel option. It was the missing part of my puzzle. I funded my passion for creating a business need at the same time. My food distribution company allowed me to retire 15 years ago, which I thought was possible. In 2009, Magazine Magazine Inc featured 500 magazines as the first company in the category of foods and beverages. # 18 of the total of more than 27 million private companies.

The Power of Big Dreams

Think of the great men and women who continued to follow their dreams until old age. He thought of Moses, who was 80 years old and had led three and a half million families. Or Caleb, who said at the age of eighty-five: “Give me this mountain.” Or Colonel Sanders, who discovered at the age of 70 years the chicken “licking the fingers well”. Or Ray Crock, who made the 70-year-old Big Mac for the world. Then there is Casey Stingel, who became 75th in the Yankees baseball team.

Do not just get to the goal do not rest on your laurels. History is full of examples of people, even though they have accomplished great things, lost their vision. When Alexander the Great had a vision, he conquered the country; when he lost it, he could not conquer the bottle of liquor. When David had a dream/vision, Galut invaded and when he lost sight, he could not overtake his lust. When Samson had a vision, he won many battles, and when he lost sight, he could not win his battle with Dalila.

Success comes through intransigence in pursuing your goals without giving up. The movement in the path of success is a march forward. The great men of history were followers of the individual minds that formed their minds to achieve the goals of their dreams without giving up. Napoleon was ranked 42 in his class. Isaac Newton’s engineering failed and was next to the lowest level in its form. Thomas Edison and Daniel Webster were expelled from school for poor performance. You will definitely make it if you refuse to accept defeat and continue your quest for success.

Many reasons why people do not become successful. For example, many people do not feel the need to succeed. These people are safe; they do not need to prove anything. They are happy, satisfied, and love what happens to them. On the other hand, some people do not succeed because they fear success. These people are retreating because of the level of commitment that success claims. We are sometimes afraid because success forces us to continue to succeed. Similarly, many people fail because they doubt the success. Such people have linked humility, piety, and spirituality to poverty. You need to succeed and you must succeed. To fail to become all that God has created for you, you will not become your own limits but also limits under your influence.

4 Top Reasons for Failure to Avoid

Main reason 1 – Set default targets

Many people are impressed by the achievements of others and begin to take their place through negative perception without awareness. The inner voice continues to tell them that they can also rise to the right level and gain wealth, fame, or popularity like those completed. There is nothing wrong with thinking like this. Inspiration is imperative to succeed in any area of life.

However, the real problem occurs when they choose the goals of others as their own goals without considering the pros and cons correctly. Their focus is on the same goal and not on how to reach destiny.

Point: Goals should always be defined in a fair manner with a realistic approach.

Main reason 2 – Basic tools lost

It is like flying an airplane without a rowing radar with a boat without a pair of paddles. Thinking about a great idea or setting a very high goal is one thing. Getting qualifications, skills, and the ability to turn that idea into reality or achieve the goal is another.

People who fail to achieve their goals lack the thought of their resources before taking the initial step and go halfway.

Point: Check out your toolbox before you formulate your goals into reality.

The main reason 3 – lack of obsession

Obsessed like boiling lava under the volcano of emotions composed of ambition, enthusiasm, enthusiasm, and enthusiasm. It is, in fact, the strongest driving force behind all successes and achievements. Power of will and mania are weapons that can help you win the battle against all odds. Lack of obsession is another major cause of failure.

Point: Your chances of failure increase multiple in the absence of mania.

The main reason 4 – frequency of faith in self-ability

Uncertainty about your own potential can create doubts and eventually weakened your confidence. It is like losing one of your basic weapons in fighting against negative forces. There is always tremendous pressure from negative forces, both internal and external.


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